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If there's one thing Esther loves as much as acting, it's writing. From scripts to fiction, articles to lyrics, she ​has spent the past 10 years honing her craft as a writer and editor.  

In the summer of 2018, Esther wrote and produced her first short film, Safe House (currently in post-production). She has also written scripts for a variety of clients within the CPG, healthcare, and banking space at Idea Couture

Esther also has substantial magazine writing and editing experience. For five years, she has been the Managing Editor of MISC, a globally-distributed magazine focusing on design thinking and innovation. Shealso contributed to fashion and lifestyle publications in Toronto, London, and Los Angeles. 

When the sun goes down and wine o'clock is nigh, Esther can also be found writing saucy fan fiction. She has written the equivalent word count of at least two novels, but she'll never tell you her pseudonym.

If you would like to find out more about hiring Esther as a writer, contact her at:

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